Armor, Baldrics, Scabbards & Holsters

We make alot of wearable items for renaissance faires, pirate gatherings, Steampunk cons, and other events.  Our work is worn by cast members, as well as patrons.  All of our work is custom designed here in the Workshop.  We love to collaborate with you… to get just the design you will want to show off.  Click on each picture for additional information and details.

The Kings Sword Frog – $75.00-$85.00

Airship Captain’s Holster & Sam Browne Shoulder Strap – $85-100 (depending on design choices)

Ship, Cannon, and Anchor Pirate Baldric – $250-$375 (depending on design choices)

Cannon and Pistol Baldric

Cannon & Pistol Baldric – $250

Mermaid & Pistol Baldric – $250

Tudor Rose Peascod Armor w/tassets – $1250

Tudor Rose Gorget – $160

Gwendolyn Armor Bodice – $450.00


Cordwainer Workbelt – $90.00


Custom Belts – $30 to $90


Black Knight Helm – $115.00


Celtic Knot Bracers – $75.00